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This domain and the replicated pages found at this website, are for promotional purposes only, with specific page URL's referenced by independent affiliates, when carrying out their own advertising and marketing activity.

Accordingly, the various pages and the links contained therein, are solely for introducing visitors to the e-commerce store and product ranges at the website, 

The said links are embedded with the individual affiliates ID#, for the purpose of tracking and credited them with the referral of a potential new TC Member registration at and any future activity, that may arise from such a personal referral.

At this website, any displayed information relating to products or merchandise are factual, having been referenced from various pages at the Tripleclicks website. .

Privacy Details:-

As such, the above is the full extent of this websites purpose. No products are directly sold, auctioned or monies collected here; there is no opt-in or subscriber list; no newsletter is published and no personal information is requested or collected and neither is there any third party advertising. On behalf of the independent affiliate who's marketing activity brought you to this promotional website, we thank you for visiting.

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